It's time for child care for all - Des services de garde éducatifs pour tous


Pledge Support for Affordable Child Care for All

Too many parents and guardians in Canada still can’t find affordable child care for their kids – with today’s young families still relying on the patchwork of inadequate solutions of their parents’ generation.

Lack of access to affordable child care is causing economic hardship for families and it is a major barrier to the participation of mothers in the paid labour force, contributing to economic inequality and insecurity. Canadian society and the economy, and therefore all who live in Canada, are penalized when people are prevented from going to work and when families can’t access the quality child care they want to support their children’s development and well-being.

But there is a solution. It’s time for all federal parties to pledge support for the Affordable Child Care for All Plan, so that all families can have access to affordable, high quality child care that includes all children.

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